Activation and licensing

About LGtool activation and licensing

To use LGtool with SGtool and remote services you should have:

  1. SEtool smart card with allows to run SEtool 1.02 or higher
  2. This card should be registered on Support area. Use v. 1.99 to register. Look for this manual if you have questions.
  3. LGtool license also known as activation - required from Sept, 11, 2012.

To purchase LGtool activation or credits you have to contact our resellers or distributors.

Activations pricing

  • Suggested price for single activation 100 usd.
  • Suggested price for 10-activation pack 750 usd.

Credits pricing

  • Suggested price for single credit pack (100 credits) 50 usd.
  • Suggested price for 10 credit packs (1000 credits) 350 usd.

Credits consumption (used for remote services only)

Phones 10 free credits daily for each card Paid credits
LG Exclusive Not supported 6 credits
HTC 6 free credits * 4 credits
HTC Exclusive Not supported 4 credits
Motorola 2 free credits 2 credits
SE Not supported 2 credits
Sharp Not supported 5 credits
Alcatel 0 credits (Unlimited)
*operation is free but positive paid balance is required for HTC remote unlock
**operation is free but positive paid balance is required for Blackberry SD-card, or one-time activation for 20 LGtool credits for Blackberry USB.

Official Resellers & Distributors

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