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System requirements for LGTooL v. 1.xx:

  • 2GHz Pentium 4 CPU or better (dual-core is recommended)
  • 1Gb RAM (at least 512M should be free)
  • 5Gb disk free space
  • Windows XP with SP3 and administrative rights
  • MS .NET Framework 3.5 installed


  • Read/Write Full
  • Read/Write NVM
  • Read/Write File System
  • Read/Write Security
  • Flash firmware
  • Unlock
  • Read Lock codes
  • Lock MCC/MNC detection
  • Lock phone by MCC/MNC
  • Read/write Bluetooth address
  • Read/repair IMEI
  • Read/repair IMEI2
  • Factory reset
  • Cpu detection
  • Hack status detection
  • Repair "Yellow screen"


  • Read/Write SPC
  • Read/Write OTKSL
  • Read/Write ESN
  • Read/Write MEID
  • Read/Write Phone number(MDN)
  • Read/Write SID/NID
  • Read SSD_A, SSD_B
  • Read/Write PRL
  • Read User Lock Code
  • Read/Write Digital MIN
  • Read/Write AKEY
  • Dump/Flash NVM
  • Flash firmware
  • Read/Write ERI
  • Read/Write EFS
  • Refurbishment (repair blink)

Full list of all supported phones you can find here.

LGtool screenshots

Application after run

LGtool with GSM phone
LGtool in LG GSM mode

LGtool with CDMA phone
LGtool in LG CDMA mode

LGtool EFS explorer
EFS file explorer

LGtool in HTC mode

LGtool Remote services
Instant Remote Services (Free)

Instant Remote Services (Paid)

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